Reasons to Love the City of Red Deer AB

The city of Red Deer in the beautiful province of Alberta is the home to many great things, including the main offices of Solutions Plumbing! There are so many things to love about Red Deer that it was difficult to mention them all. Here are a few reasons why a person should love Red Deer AB. Alberta Sports Hall of Fame This hall of fame is located in Red Deer. In addition to having many sports features, there are a lot of hands-on activities for children. A person can try to climb the rock walls and check out all of the sports artifacts that are located here. Heritage…


How To Unclog A Kitchen Sink Drain With Home Tools

Your kitchen sink may clog due to food scraps or grease which naturally block drains over time. Although you may need to hire a plumber to unclog your kitchen drain, sometimes you can do it yourself. Here are steps to follow when unclogging your kitchen drain before calling for our drain cleaning Red Deer service: Run hot water into the drain You need to run a steady stream of hot water into the clogged drain for a few minutes to dissolve any built up grease or grim. It is recommended to run hot water into your drain every week to prevent future drain clogging. Since you wash your…


10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Plumbing

Have you ever compared plumber’s websites to gain a competitive advantage by comparing quotes, analyzing customer comments, or just to seek knowledge on the latest advancements and developments? Perhaps you have asked neighbors, friends, or relatives about services or products before selecting a plumber. The plumbing industry is unique. Having a trusting relationship with your plumber is just as important as knowing the latest industry trends in the field. On top of this, a bad reputation or inadequate access for customers to research or get in touch with you and your company could literally “sewer” business. Here are ten ways you can benefit from your plumbing competitors: Reputation:…


14 Common Misconceptions About Plumbing

Solution’s team of plumbers in Red Deer A small leak is not that big of a deal. A small hole will only get bigger as time goes on, increasing the cost. Contacting a plumber ASAP will save you money and time. You can handle the work on your own. If you aren’t a plumber, it is best not to attempt to fix your plumbing issues. Professionals understand where issues may be coming from, which can lead to prevention in the future. You should only call plumbers in an emergency situation. The longer you wait; the bigger the problem. It will be a lot more affordable in the long…


Easy Plumbing Repairs a Homeowner Can Undertake Themselves

The plumbing system in the average home is far more complex than most people realize, and naturally, the more rooms that have water supplied to them the more piping there is, which in turn means the more opportunities there are for plumbing issues to arise. Some simple plumbing issues can be rectified easily by the homeowner, but it is important to recognize when the problem is major and it is time to call in a professional. Even more critical is when you get into the equipment that heats your home like furnaces, heaters, or even heat pumps (ever thought of using a heat pump?). Bathtub/Sink Caulking –…

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