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Solutions Plumbing stands ready to provide the services you need to ensure you have safe drinking water when you run your taps. We are an approved backflow and cross-connection testing service. The City of Red Deer requires that all cross-connection devices are tested annually by such an approved testing professional according to Utility Bylaw number 3606/2018 Section 71.

We are here to make your water potable and free of contaminants and we can provide the annual test to ensure exactly that. So call Solutions Plumbing for your backflow and cross-connection testing.

Why You Need Cross Connection Testing

If your water source is non-potable, your cross-connection is a link between that source and your drink water system. This temporary or permanent link maintains a clean system where harmful backflow may cause contamination.

Solutions Plumbing is dedicated to helping you be sure your water is clean so you can stay healthy.

How a Cross Connection System Works

The cross-connection control device put in place stops any backflow of water into the potable water system as a result of depressurization. Keeping this control device operating at peak performance levels is vital to the safety of your water supply. It is crucial that it is checked every year and replaced when necessary.

Types of Devices We Can Test

There are various types of cross-connection control devices that require testing, each operating under different conditions and configurations. At Solutions Plumbing, we can handle inspecting all kinds of control devices to ensure efficiency and functionality, including:

There are also secondary devices that require testing, including:

While you may not be sure of the cross-connection control device you have, we can certainly check it to let you know and test it so you can safely use your water source. As certified cross-connection testing professionals, whether you are a local commercial business operator or you are multi-family residential property owner, you can rely on our expertise to deliver fresh, clean, potable water safely.

The Property Owner’s Responsibility to Prevent Sewer Backflow

A single unattended garden hose or temporary appliance can not only cause water contamination for that user but for all people in the same complex. This is why it is so important for any property owner to take the responsibility of preventing sewer backflow seriously.

As a property owner, you have to protect the safety of everyone’s water and you can take responsibility for this in several important ways:

Call Solutions Plumbing to handle your cross-connection and backflow testing and maintenance in Red Deer for safe water and a healthy community.

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