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Our plumbers and gasfitters are here for you when you need us the most! A plumbing emergency can happen when you least expect it, but you can count on us! We are just a call away!


Residential & Commercial Services

Gasfitting & Plumbing Specialists

We specialize in plumbing and gas fitting, heating and and air conditioning but also offer: faucet repair and replacement, kitchen and bath renovations, furnace repair, water heater repair and replacement, boiler repair and replacement and much more!

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Solutions Plumbing & Gasfitting

We specialize in residential and commercial plumbing and gas fitting, heating and air conditioning.


Call us for all of your plumbing needs. Whether you have a leaky faucet or are looking to renovate your kitchen, we can help! There is no job too big or too small. We are also on call 24/7 in case of an emergency!


We can help you with a variety of heating solutions, from hot water tank repairs and replacements to furnaces and boilers. Call us for new installations or to service your current heating equipment.

Gas Fitting

Need a gas line for your new barbeque? We provide gas fitting services for all your needs. Call us to install or hook up the gas line for your new barbeque, range, fireplace, garage heater and more.

Why Choose Us

Safety, certification, and experience are our top priority when it comes to helping homeowners throughout Red Deer, AB plus surrounding cities including Innisfail, Olds, Blackfalds, and Lacombe. We’re approachable and authentic, down to earth and honest. We rely on satisfied customers and word of mouth for a lot of our business and have grown to be one of the most trusted plumbing companies in Alberta.  Find out more about our services.


Water Heater Replacement and Repair

What would we do without hot water?

If you end up with no or very little hot water, let our technicians help you fix whatever is broken so that you can have hot water once again. We will ask you some questions about your problem, as well as any symptoms and other issues you might have noticed over the past several weeks so that we can pinpoint the problem effectively. Although usually, our skilled team can repair a water heater, there can be certain situations where a unit is old and needs to be replaced.

However, we will do whatever we can to save you aggravation, money and time by investigating the unit thoroughly and search for any other potential causes that may be affecting you not getting enough hot water.

Emergency Services

Are you afraid you will spend too much money if you call a plumber during non-office hours?

Don’t worry. At Solutions Plumbing, we don’t charge by the hour. You only will be responsible for having to pay for whatever is needed for fixing your problem. Also, we will stay on the job as long as required to ensure that it is done right. If you have a small leak or a failing sump pump and are afraid it might get even worse, definitely don’t procrastinate. If you do, you might end up having damage that is much more expensive to repair than it would be to call us out to assist you.

All of our emergency technicians thoroughly understand how important it is to respond to requests quickly. Even a few minutes would result in severe damage, depending on the problem or the leak.

Available 24/7

Whether you live alone and need assistance during the middle of the night or need emergency help at your residence, you need to have experienced technicians who you can trust.

There’s nothing worse than having a leaking copper pipe interrupt your evening, but we are entirely dedicated to providing our customers with service 24 hours a day. We also take great pride in looking at the big picture instead of just a minor problem so that we can identify easily whether there is a larger issue.

From emergency gas line repairs to leak detection, we believe that getting calls at all hours helps to keep us alert, and we find it so exciting to know that we can help our customers with whatever emergencies they have. We understand that your problem cannot wait.