Red Deer Water Jetting Services

Avoid Flooding with Regular Water Jetting Services from Solutions Plumbing

Don’t let your drain lines and sewer system get clogged and cause your home or business a huge flooded disaster. Water jetting your systems can help prevent that nastiness from backing up into your living space.

What is Water Jetting?

Pressurized water is very powerful. Given the right tools and enough pressure, water can flow with enough speed and precision to cut through just about anything. Working on that principle of powerful water flow, Solutions Plumbing will not cut through your piping or sewer system, but we can flush out those areas to keep them clean, so they don’t spout any filthy mess back where it doesn’t belong.

We use cutting edge equipment that pressurizes water and shoots it through your drains and sewer lines, clearing them for better flow in the right direction.

Water jetting does not require any chemicals or solvents of any kind. We use ordinary water at high speeds, under control through various nozzles attached to our equipment.  That allows us to blast through difficult clogs in an environmentally safe way.

How Does Water Jetting Work?

Using the proper attachments to control the speed of the water flow and focusing the stream, we can penetrate through difficult clogs that have spent months, if not years forming in your drains and sewer lines.

We can take care of various types of clogs safely and effectively, such as:

  • Tree roots
  • Fat, oil, and grease deposits
  • Stuck mud, sand, and gravel
  • Calcium and lime scale
  • Other blockages that might otherwise need harsh chemicals or even excavation


The objective is to leave behind only a clean, unobstructed flow through your drains and sewer pipes. Only water jetting can provide a completely clean piping system through the entire diameter of the pipe. Other mechanical tools, like cable augers, can only push a hole through any debris, leaving much of it behind to reclog the system later on. We will make sure all of the unwanted material is blown through the pipes, as we can see it all with our high-tech camera.

How Often Should You Get Water Jetting?

Call for an emergency plumber in Red Deer right away if you notice:

All kinds of homes, businesses, and public facilities like schools and hospitals, are constantly gathering a buildup of debris in their drains and sewer pipes. This can lead to slow drainage or worse, flooding that can cause major damage and health issues due to mold growth.

Solutions Plumbing can help you avoid all that with regularly scheduled water jetting services. We can evaluate your systems and provide you with a preventative maintenance schedule that works for you, whether it’s quarterly, semi-annually, or annual water jetting services.

In your home, a backed-up sewer line can destroy much of your personal belongings when you least expect it. For a business, it means loss of revenue and the cost of rebuilding. These situations can easily be avoided with Solutions Plumbing water jetting service for your drains and sewer system.

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