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As professional plumbers in Red Deer, servicing all of Central Alberta, Solutions Plumbing experts rely on video cameras to make sure the job is done right.

We use cameras that are specifically designed to fit through small pipes to identify the cause of plumbing problems where it’s impossible to detect otherwise.

We have trained professionals ready to provide high-tech sewer inspection services in and around Red Deer. A flexible rod is fed through your pipes, drains, or sewer system with a waterproof camera affixed to the tip, allowing our technician, and you, to see what’s inside that could be causing problems for your home or business.

Our cameras can snake through a pipe as small as 2 inches wide or as large as 36 inches, for a full scope of the issue. As the camera passes through the pipe, the video feed is transmitted directly to the technician’s screen in real-time, so anything found inside can be assessed right away. A sewer camera inspection is the only way to know exactly what is happening, without any guesswork.

The Right Solution for a Backed-up Sewer Problem

By going through a video camera sewer inspection, our Solutions Plumbing technician can find the cause of the blockage and determine exactly what needs to be done to clear it. This saves time and money on the wrong solutions that will not work. The video evidence offers a clear indication of what the trouble is, so there is no trial and error.

Then, after the issue is resolved, another video inspection can confirm that everything is fixed as it should be, offering you peace of mind and a quick resolution.

How Do I Know If I Need a Video Camera Sewer Inspection?

Simply check your drain flow to make sure they are running down as efficiently as possible. If you find a slow drainage flow, there may be a clog in the system that is backing everything up. If you wait too long, the backup could find it’s all the way back up and out the drain, leaving a big mess.

As well, if you find that your water bill has dramatically increased without using your water supply any differently, it could be an indication that there is a sewer line leak.

In both these cases, a video camera sewer inspection can offer answers.

Also, keep in mind that when purchasing a home, a typical home inspection does not include a video camera sewer inspection. Adding it to your home inspection can help you avoid catastrophe later on by making sure your drains and sewer lines are in good shape and free of obstructions, saving you a bundle of money on expensive repairs.

Don’t wait until you find your sewer system has backed up into your basement. Call Solutions Plumbing in Red Deer and the rest of Central Alberta, for a cost-effective video camera sewer inspection to make sure everything is flowing as it should. We can inspect any home, business, or public facility.

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