Are Water Filter Jugs Safe and What Are the Alternatives?

Not many people like the taste of tap water. Depending on where you live, it can also smell bad because of the added chlorine that makes it safe to drink. There are ways to enjoy your tap water that are safe, easy, and economical.

While you could store your water in the fridge to counteract the poor flavour, here are a couple of other options that result in higher quality water directly from your tap.

Water Filter Jugs

There are several brands of water filter jugs available on the market, with Brita probably being the most recognizable brand name, but they all generally work the same way. Not all water filter jugs offer the same level of filtration, however.

They come with a carbon filter that is changed frequently to provide clean water. The carbon acts as a porous filter that retains the chlorine and other substances found in the water. As well, heavy metals are removed through an ion-exchange, leaving fresh clean water in the jug. But note that bacteria or other living organisms are not removed by this process.

Using a good, high-quality water filter jug, you can expect to remove upward of 94% of the chlorine and 98% of the heavy metals found in your tap water.

The only thing that makes water filter jugs hazardous is infrequent filter replacement. It’s up to you to replace the carbon filter as instructed by the brand to limit your intake of unwanted bacteria. Otherwise, bacteria can flourish in the used carbon case and end up in your filtered water.

Whole-Home Water Filtration System

A water filtration system installed in your home not only offers clean drinking water, but it also helps your skin and laundry with fresh bathing and washing water all at the same time.

The taste of your water is improved with a whole-home filtration system, and we also install water softeners in Red Deer. And in the spring, when the thaw brings higher levels of chlorine into the water table, your home water filter counteracts that. This allows you to shower without causing skin irritation, and you can wash your clothes with the freshest water, making them last longer.

Another benefit comes in the kitchen, where you can use perfectly clean water for cooking. The food will taste better, and you will eliminate those unwanted additives that are put in your tap water.

While a water filter jug only addresses some drinking water issues, a whole-home water filtration or water softeners system can be installed economically by your local plumbing service to provide fresh, clean water throughout your home.

The system can use a reverse osmosis method or a UV light with activated charcoal in the filtration process. In either case, particulates are removed from the water, as is the chlorine, leaving water that is almost entirely pure for your whole home.

For more information on a whole-home water filtration system, speak to us at Solutions Plumbing. We can determine which system is best for your home and address how it can impact your entire lifestyle with clean water.