10 Quick Tips About Red Deer

Solution Plumbing’s team of on-call emergency plumbers absolutely love the wild nature and animals of Alberta. If you’ve ever been out vacationing in Alberta and seen the beauty of red deer, then you know how special they truly are. From the full commanding antlers of the stag to the graceful females that roam freely around their natural habitat, these deer are a magnificent sight. Below is a collection of ten quick tips you may or may not know about this majestic species.

red deer in Alberta, Canada

  1. Cave Art

    Red deer are the most common animal to be drawn in cave art throughout European caves some 7,000 years ago.

  2. Tasty Meat

    Today red deer Alberta are hunted for meat, not their incredible antlers as in decades past.

  3. Awesome Size

    The red deer are large, coming in fourth place just behind moose, elk, and sambar deer. The stag measures 69-98 inches long and the female measures 63-83 inches long making the red deer the largest of the deer species.

  4. Metabolism

    When food is difficult to find, the metabolism of the red deer slows down to conserve energy.

  5. Species

    The red deer are classified as a species group rather than a single species. It is not known how many are included in the group.

  6. Origin

    The red deer are believed to have been descended from the sika deer in Asia.

  7. Population

    In North America, red deer are seeing a decline in population whereas, in other parts of the world such as Europe, those numbers are increasing though the species was never at any point in history near extinction.

  8. In Other Parts of the World

    The red deer are the only deer species to live in Africa.

  9. How They Eat

    Red Deer are ruminant in other words; they eat their food in two separate stages.

  10. Fighting for Love

    The red deer stags spend a significant amount of their time fighting for ideal mates. These brutal encounters often leave their opponents dead.

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